Travel List (2012 – Present)


Below is a list of relatively recent travel destinations & lengths of stay.

At the beginning of of 2013, I thought for sure I’d have to stop going away as often as I’d become accustomed to. I rented a new apartment alone (miss my roomies!), started my Master’s, and leased a new car all in the same month – my bank account hated me. When you want something bad enough, though, you make it happen; it ended up being an incredible year travel-wise.

Though I’m not proud of it, I am notorious for being impossible to get in touch with (let alone face-to-face! e` uno scherzo!).. These past few years, I’ve worked full-time at a kennel and part-time as a realtor and tutor, in addition to being a full-time grad student and interning once a week. However, I feel like if I waited until I “have more time,” I may never do the things I want to do or see the places I’m dying to visit (some over and over, like my Italy ;)). I’d rather travel often and in small doses than not at all; I’ll take what I can get!

I don’t make a lot of money by any means, but I like to think I’m smart with what I have. There’s a separate post offering budgeting tips that have at least worked well for me!


  • January/February: Italy (1 month)
  • April: Costa Rica (4 nights)
  • June: Italy (3 nights)
  • October: Italy (3 nights)
  • November: Florida (2 nights) & St. Maarten (3 nights)
  • December: Czech Republic & Germany (2 nights)


  • March: Italy & France (4 nights)
  • June: Ireland (2 nights)
  • July: Italy (3 nights)
  • August: Chicago (1 night)
  • September: Norway (2 nights)
  • October: Italy & Switzerland (1 night!)
  • December: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein (2 nights)


  • February: Italy (2 nights)
  • March: Iceland (2 nights)
  • April: North Carolina (1 night) & Italy (3 nights)
  • May: Italy (2 nights)
  • August: Italy (3 month stay) & Sicily (3 nights)
  • September: Italy (3 month stay), Slovenia (1 day), & Croatia (1 day)
  • October: Italy (3 month stay)


  • February: Austria (1 night)
  • March: Poland & Germany (2 nights), Florida (2 nights)
  • April: Italy (2 nights)
  • June: Netherlands & Belgium (2 nights), Chicago (1 night)
  • August: Italy (2 nights)
  • September: Italy (3 nights)
  • October: Chicago (1 night)
  • December: Spain & Italy (6 nights)