About Me


Ciao! My name is Christina Candido and I’m 32 years old. In the summer of 2014, after graduating with my Master’s degree, I quit my incredible job and took a leap of faith: I moved to Northern Italy to learn, help, love, and, of course, attempt to fill the bottomless pit that is my sense of wanderlust. I volunteered for the second time with dementia patients in both memory care communities and in their homes. It was in VV that I started this blog to organize my experiences and research, and to share what I learned in relation to caregiving, neurology, and travel.

I have since returned home to New Jersey and been fortunate enough to begin working in the field of my dreams. I’ve therefore decided to keep up with NeuroloGypsy; I’m constantly learning and growing both personally and professionally, and if what I share here is able to help anyone, I’ll know it’s served a purpose greater than I could have hoped for.

Being that my experiences with the elderly began officially in Italy (first in 2012, then again in ’14), I affectionately refer to my loves as “nonna” and “nonno.” I’ll throw random Italian words into posts, as well, refusing to accept the fact that I’m no longer on Via Casoni. </3 Though officially back home, I travel to Europe once a month. Since I hate missing work, I take short weekend trips and jump on deals whenever I’m able to find them, hence the “gypsy” part of my domain name. The Travel section of this blog serves to offer tips and advice, as well as share experiences and photos.

Thank you for visiting NeuroloGypsy! šŸ™‚