Baby Luca

I feel like I have deja vu, having just posted about the arrival of Leo 16 short months ago! 😉 As I pointed out then, the subject of my June 2021 post was ~80 years younger than those I typically write about. The same goes for today’s introduction of baby Luca, Leo’s little brother and the second much-anticipated bonus grandson to the nonnas and nonnos I serve. Luca arrived four days past his due date on October 6th. We are exhausted but settling in!

Throughout my pregnancy, I had countless conversations with my loves about parenting, family planning, and the like. One of my favorite ladies reassured me that I’d be ok with two under two, sharing stories of her life with four under five (!!). Ever calm, cool, and collected, I proposed that she likely thrived as a mom of four due to her temperament and nature. She corrected me: “Oh no, I was a screaming lunatic for years.” Talk about validation and encouragement!

Cheers to the *loud* years to come. 💙

dimmi tutto

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