Similar but Different

My loves never cease to amaze me. Even in their absence, I continue to learn and grow from all they’ve taught me (both directly and indirectly). Now a month into motherhood, I can confidently say that while I still have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve at least been able to apply past experiences to current situations. Below are the top three examples of said principles:

  • There’s a reason for everything. Nine times out of ten, unless they’re colic, babies aren’t crying for no reason; their tears are indicative of an unmet need. Similarly, the needs of those living with dementia can be expressed through their behaviors and emotions (i.e., agitation or unrest). Determining what that need is can be challenging, but knowing to investigate it is half the battle. In not-so-little Leo’s case, it’s usually hunger. 😉
  • There are good days and bad days. Like I said, nine times out of ten the tears are justifiable. Sometimes, however, it’s simply a crappy day.. a day of feeling off, tired, upset, or just not in the mood. This brings me to my next point –
  • Give yourself some grace. You’re not always going to get it right. The interventions you put in place yesterday might prove useless today. Just when you feel you’ve figured things out, your outcomes may change, and that’s ok. You’re doing your best and tomorrow’s a clean slate.

I’m sure month two will bring its own set of lessons. Fingers crossed they’re also ones I’ve learned before in some capacity!

2 thoughts on “Similar but Different

  1. Motherhood is an ongoing learning experience. Trial and error and everything in between. Sure you’re baby is feeling all your love and care. Looking forward to meeting him and Anthony . We think of you often.


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