Brutal but Beautiful

Let me preface this post by being perfectly clear: pregnancy is brutal. I like to think I have a high pain/nausea/everything tolerance but man, this has been tough. I’m in the home stretch and counting down the minutes until it’s over and our baby is in my arms. However.. sharing this time with my residents has been indescribable. I remember a friend in the industry telling me years ago that the seniors she encountered were way more excited to partake in her wedding planning than they were when she was with child. It surprised me but I took her word for it; I had pretty low expectations when I shared the news this holiday season, especially after seeing how into the wedding they were (she was right about that excitement, at least). My God, was she wrong about the rest: to say they’re pumped about this little one would be a gross understatement.

I often liken working in senior living to having 100+ bonus nonnos and nonnas that you get to be around all the time. As my career has evolved, I’ve loved sharing milestones with them and seeking their guidance and advice. Pregnancy has been the most special of them all thus far. Between daily food deliveries (“for the baby!”) to scolding me about my heels and keeping their hands on my belly to feel for kicks, it’s so incredibly touching. They’re even helping me come up with names. Many wouldn’t be able to tell you my name or how they know me, but the second they see me waddle in with my growing bump, they light up. They’re suddenly reminded — maybe of their own experience or someone else they knew, but definitely of a happy, loving time.

I asked a few of my loves to share some advice for new moms (read: me!) this past Mother’s Day, and the responses were so sweet. It’s one of many questions I’ve asked throughout this journey, and I hold their insight very close to my heart (especially when they assure me that yes, I am cut out for this and my body will bounce back ;)). I feel so fortunate to have them in my life and can’t wait to share their love with this baby. ❤

One thought on “Brutal but Beautiful

  1. To the strongest woman I know (literally of all time), you so got this and your body will so bounce back just like you do from EVERYTHING. I love how much you share and how much your residents care about you and the baby. What better and safe atmosphere than at work with them? (Well, besides at home with your Doctor). So excited to see baby Morelli! Keep sharing and make sure your phone is away and locked when you are at time of delivery (I could see you working sending emails between each contraction)! Love you muchooo


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