Fearful but Resilient

Last month’s post-vaccine poll left me feeling disappointed and concerned. As I mentioned in February’s post, a shocking 30% of residents said they were not yet ready for communal dining and group activities, despite the fact that they’d been isolating for an entire year (and fully vaccinated, no less!). They were scared, and that tore my heart in pieces. I’m happy to report that this month, however, they’re singing a different tune: we’ve since opened up internally and even began welcoming visitors this week. The energy throughout the community is unreal.

My loves never cease to amaze me. While we all (im)patiently waited for updated guidelines, they sat tight. Families and staff rallied together to fight for change, and they waited peacefully. When new rules (and restrictions) rolled out, not one complained. Every nonna and nonno was thankful and content; there was no dwelling on what they’d endured, only celebrating what was to come. Despite some fears, they were resilient.

As for me this month – I’m still scared (the new state order basically threw all logic out the window), but I’m hopeful. I feel encouraged after this week’s reunions and inspired by my residents’ strength. Things can only get better from here.

dimmi tutto

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