Favorite Spots in Italy by Season: SPRING

Have you ever noticed that certain smells can conjure memories? That something as simple as a whiff of bonfire can bring you back to summer, or pine cones to Christmastime? Flowers do that to me, and they transport me right to Italy in the springtime. While there’s nowhere in the entire country I’d say is bad to visit now, I definitely have my favorites. Lake Como, most famously known as home to George Clooney, is without question number one.

Lake Como

As my weekend trips become more frequent, I’m beginning to adopt new “traditions”. Lake Como in the spring is one of them (and perhaps my most favorite). This past April was my sixth visit to the lake, and every single year it leaves me breathless. I experimented at first and stayed in different towns before stumbling upon Menaggio, a picturesque comune situated directly across from the popular Varenna and diagonal to world-famous Bellagio. It was formerly a walled city, with remnants still evident today. Unlike other lakeside towns, it has an incredibly charming piazza equipped with restaurants, cafes, shops, outdoor markets, and a tiny train that offers rides to nearby Lenno. Oh, and its views are absolutely insane.

Menaggio makes you feel like you’re in old-world Italy and, though many people speak English, it’s not nearly as touristy as its crowded neighbors. It’s a great home base if you’re up for exploring, as Bellagio and Varenna are both a short, cheap ferry ride away. It also sits at the foot of Monte Grona, home to Rifugio Menaggio (and its indescribable views) and reachable via hiking trails.

One of the best things I’ve ever done on the lake (aside from eat my face off at Bar Constantin) is rent a boat. You don’t need a license and they provide about 30 seconds of instruction, but Lake Como is easier to navigate than one might imagine. My only regret is that I missed out on doing this my first five trips – the experience is beyond words.

  • How to arrive: Milan’s Malpensa airport is almost always cheap to fly directly into from New York, and it’s luckily about an hour from Menaggio. Not only is a car unnecessary, but you’ll also have to pay to park so it’s really not worth it. I use the same car service every time and our driver Luigi is phenomenal; he has to be the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to Lake Como.
  • Where to stay: There are a lot of great hotels in Menaggio, and you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them. My favorite, however, is hands down Hotel Garni Corona. It was recently renovated and the staff welcomes you as if you’re family. Reserve early if you can – it books up fast!


I am so partial to my beloved Rome that it even has its own post. The Eternal City was one of the first places I visited in Italy at 15 years old, and I was so in love that I went to great lengths to return. The [unrealistic] deal with my strict parents was that if I could pay for it on my own, I could study abroad in Rome. At 18, I knew I had two reasonable options: become a bartender or get my real estate license (I had disappointedly nixed being a high class escort when I learned it’s not, in fact, like The Wedding Date IRL). I enrolled in real estate school that summer, sold a house in November, and was the first to hand in my check to Dottoressa Romani in January. Nice try, Mom & Dad. 😉

It was a struggle to decide which season Rome should fall within, as it’s honestly a favorite all year round. I won’t go into too many details, as the post I linked above outlines basically everything you need to know. However, I want to specify why I chose the spring as my favorite time to visit: Rome is stunning in the springtime. The weather is relatively mild all year long, but few days can hold a candle to those spent beneath the warm Italian sun in April and May. Temp aside, the Eternal City is adorned with beautiful flowers and tropical palm trees. As it’s not yet peak season, it’s less crowded and claustrophobic than during summer months, which means prices are also more reasonable (and food tastier).

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Holy Week. I was fortunate enough to attend Palm Sunday mass at the Vatican in 2015, and I’ve yet to experience anything remotely like it. Religious or not, Rome in around Easter is moving beyond words. You can get tickets to papal masses directly from the Swiss Guards in St. Peter’s Square, but for popular holidays it’s recommended that you order them ahead of time. Ours were super easy to get, and they’re free!

  • How to arrive: Unfortunately, it’s never super cheap to get to Rome from NYC. Airlines like TAP Portugal will sometimes offer deals with a quick layover in Lisbon or Porto, but if you need to fly direct, your best bet is to save up miles. Once you’ve landed in Fiumicino, it’s super easy to get to the city center (Stazione Termini) via the Leonardo Express train. *EDIT* Best breaking news ever: Norwegian has just announced that they’re now offering direct, RT flights from EWR to FCO for $410 beginning in November! This is absolutely unheard of and Norwegian is, in my opinion, a phenomenal airline. Don’t think twice – BOOK IT!
  • Where to stay: The options are endless in terms of accommodations in Rome. Personally, my favorite area to stay in is the Campo Marzio neighborhood; it’s the perfect home base to explore the city in its entirety. More specifically, I want to be close to the Spanish Steps. Inn Spagna has been a long-time favorite. Consider yourself warned, though – as is common in Rome, it doesn’t have an elevator :-O

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