It’s Always You In My Big Dreams

I am a big believer in the importance and interpretation of dreams. I’m also a huge Something Corporate fan, and when Konstantine popped up on Pandora this morning I couldn’t help but feel both sentimental and excited – not pumped about the throwback itself necessarily, but thrilled about the path I’m on despite its ups and downs. My loves are truly at the heart of everything I do and are the focus of so many dreams.

I posted the below as part of a travel contest submission this month. Applicants were asked to creatively describe their favorite place in a video under three minutes. While mine was a no-brainer, I ironically accepted a new position within two weeks of my vid’s YouTube debut. In true form, I’d begun to grow restless; there had to be a way I could make an impact on a larger scale, beyond the walls of my casa di riposo and even Bergen County.

Today, I begin the next leg of my ever-winding journey toward fulfilling my dreams. While bittersweet, I feel simultaneously rejuvenated and calm.. a sort of peacefulness that comes only with knowing you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. To my nonnos and nonnas in Paramus, I miss you always and I’ll see you for the next travel slide show. ❤

6 thoughts on “It’s Always You In My Big Dreams

  1. Love it ❤️ keep dreaming and keep inspiring!! Your simply amazing and any company you work or have worked for is lucky to have such a passionate human being walk through their door.


  2. Whatever your dreams may be, do not let anyone or anything change you. Even though our paths crossed only a short time ago, I truly believe you are an amazing person. One with a free spirit that will take you to more fabulous places and meet more beautiful people. Your dreams have guided you this far in your life so let them continue. 😘💕💞


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